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Vidya Coffee is situated at Chikmagalur with its own coffee estates, integrated coffee processing plant, spray dried roasting plant, Instant coffee plant & coffee extraction plant with the capacity of over 20000 MT/Annum in the heartland of Indian coffee which is a part of Western Ghats. The Western Ghats mountain range is rich in flora and fauna and is considered as one of the Bio-diversity hot spots. Coffee is grown under 3 tiers of shade and has a very unique Eco system. There is a great Bio-diversity within the Coffee estate. Several natural streams flow through, bringing in more diversity of flora and fauna. Several Fruits and spice crops like Pepper, Cardamom, Citrus, Vanilla, Silver Oak are grown along with Coffee. Apart from its own plantation Vidya Coffee has an excellent network with planters and traders to source the finest of raw coffee for export.

Vidya Coffee is A Unit of Vidya Herbs Pvt Ltd.

Vidya Herbs is one of the leading manufacturers of plant extracts and essential oils. With more than a decade of experience in manufacturing extracts, Vidya has substantial market knowledge and access to the most rare and powerful herbs in the world. Company’s experienced team of R&D constantly provides Vidya with innovative solutions and support for today’s health and nutrition related markets. Vidya Herbs’s research, production methods and products go hand in hand with current trends. Using SuperCritical CO2 and Conventional extraction processing, Vidya is able to manufacture and supply a wide range of products to different markets and industries. With company’s large production capabilities, 3 extraction facilities, custom manufacturing and offices around the world, Vidya Herbs provides quick and reliable service that meets customer’s expectations and demands.


From the Plant to the Cup. Our Inspiration is Coffee and Coffee Moments.


For Trade Enquiries : dayanand@vidyacoffee.com